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Grading Table instructions and template

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The Egracons Conversion tool is now fully operational and open to all Higher Education institutions (also outside Europe) as long as they have Erasmus+ or other student exchanges. It is completely free in its present form. Even though the project has now ended, it will continue to be fully supported. It will also be developed further at a later stage as part as the Erasmus without Paper project.

New users can register at provided their institutions have supplied their grading tables. You need to use your institutional email address. Conversion is only possible, however, between institutions who have done so. A list of participating universities can be found at: You can search in this list bly clicking on the column headings. 

Students and outsiders cannot be activated as users. Their registration will be refused.

In order to join as a contributor and supply grading tables a higher education institution has to take the following steps:

  1. A database query has to be performed on the central student database of the university holding the grades (marks) that all the students have obtained over the last 2 or 3 years. See INSTRUCTIONS FOR GRADING TABLE TEMPLATE.
  2. The collected data have to be entered manually or copied and pasted from the query into one of the 2 versions of the  Egracons Excel data template: GRADING TABLE TEMPLATE (Manual entry), GRADING TABLE TEMPLATE(Copy and Paste). Always make sure you have the latest version. No other Excel documents can be used. The data have to be collected by degree (in numbers, not percentages) and linked to ISCED codes (see: HOW TO APPLY ISCED CODES). We have also provided an example of each version of the filled-in template: EXAMPLE GRADING TABLE TEMPLATE (manual)EXAMPLE GRADING TABLE TEMPLATE (copy and paste).
  3. You send the grading tables to Egracons (

Once your grade distribution tables have been uploaded you can register for the tool at
You have to regsiter with an official mail address of your university (to avoid fraud), so e.g. gmail addresses are not allowed. You will also have to use a password.

!!! Be aware that it is not possible to register for the tool if your grading tables have not been uploaded at least once. It is impossible for obvious reasons to compare and convert grades from another HEI if the tables from your university are missing.

After you request registration  we will activate your egistration and assign you the role of Converter. If you want to be able to Upload your grading tables yourself and/or manage the users of your institution, we can also assign you the roles of Uploader and/or Local Administrator. You should contact Egracons in that case.

Afterwards you can start using the tool.

To better understand how the Tool works, you can watch a few short demonstration videos here.

If you would like more documents to help you, or need more explanation, please contact the project team.