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First Egracons Country Meeting in Rome

Representatives from over 40 Italian Higher Education Institutions, gathered in Rome on 26 September 2012 at the National Seminar The new ECTS Grading Table: the European Project EGRACONS, part of the 2011-2013 Bologna Process Information Campaign. 

The meeting was organised by the Italian National LLP/Erasmus Agency,  by Prof. Maria Sticchi Damiani, Coordinator of the Italian Group of Bologna Experts and external evaluator of the EGRACONS project, and by Prof. Luciano Saso, Erasmus Institutional Coordinator of Sapienza University of Rome and Leader of Work Package 3 of the EGRACONS project “Conversion Tool Development and Testing”. 
The Seminar aimed at discussing the conversion of grades for international Students in Italy with special attention to the preparation of the grading tables according to the procedure indicated in the new ECTS Users’s Guide.  
The official Italian system of the CLASSE DI LAUREA, degree subject group,  linked to the ISCED codes (International Standard Classification of Education) was discussed and considered an appropriate aggregation criteria for the the Italuian grading tables.
Luciano Saso presented the EGRACONS project and opened the discussion to participants to share practices. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to consult stakeholders and get feedback regarding grading conversion practices in Italy.