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EGRACONS is a user-friendly online tool allowing to convert grades earned by students abroad into the grading system of your institution. It is recommended by the 2015 ECTS users's guide (p. 41), and is a component of Erasmus without Paper. EGRACONS is free of charge.

See a 4-minute demo of a single grade conversion using EGRACONS

How does EGRACONS work?

Following to the recommendations of the EC, EGRACONS compares the grades on the basis of the respective grade distribution in your institution and in the partner institution. As the grading culture differs between the fields of study, the ISCED 2013 disciplines are used to match the study fields between both HEIs.

Each participating HEI therefore provides EGRACONS with a table showing the passing grades and the number of each passing grade awarded in the whole institution for each ISCED 2013 discipline. Below is a simplified example of such a grade distribution table. Providing the grading table to EGRACONS allows to use the grade conversion tool.

Example_grading_table_1.pdf (32.68 KB)Download