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Flamenco-forum on ‘Grade Conversion using Grading Tables’

The EGRACONS Project was presented at Ghent University, Belgium, on 6 February 2013 at the Flamenco-forum on ‘Grade Conversion using Grading Tables’  The purpose of this workshop was to examine the Flemish grading culture, identify possible challenges and seek consensus in grade conversion. 

The meeting kicked off with a welcome and introduction of Luc François, Bologna expert and project co-founder. Valère Meus, project co-ordinator, presented the initiative to the participants. After this introduction, the preparation of County Report for Flanders was discussed followed by a consultation session regarding the practical implementation of the grading tables, the aggregation criteria used (e.g. use of ISCED codes) and the development of a web-based European "conversion tool".

Over 60 participants from 16 different institutions attended the meeting and participated in the lively discussions that contributed positively to the project's development.