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Kick-Off Meeting at Ghent University, Belgium

The EGRACONS (European Grading Conversion System) Kick Off Meeting took place at Ghent University between 22 and 23 October 2012. The hosts of the event were the project co-ordinators at Ghent University and the list of participants included representatives from all the project’s full member institutions participating in this 3 year project, namely UNICA Network, SG Network, University of Leon, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Rouen, Gothenburg University, Inholland University, University of Lausanne, Warsaw University, University of Vilnius, University of Essex, University of Liege and Justus Liebig University of Giessen.
Representatives from the University of Rennes 2 and the Erasmus Student Network also attended the meeting as associate partners.

During the 2 day meeting, the Steering Committee introduced the project and planned the work for the first year of activities. The meeting also provided a great opportunity for partners to get to know each other and exchange expertise regarding the projects’ concrete work packages. Luc François, Director of International Relations from Ghent University, gave the opening speech in which he expressed his satisfaction with the commitment all partners have shown and stressed the importance of having a large variety of experts involved in the consortium for the success to solve a problem that has existed in Europe for years. He also pointed out the positive outcomes of having networks (SG and UNICA) and the associate partners involved to increase the scope of the projects’ impact.