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Polish National Meeting on Grade Conversion

Foundation for the Development of Education System in Poland, acting in the capacity of National Agency of Erasmus Programme, and representatives of the University of Warsaw, a partner in the EGRACONS project,  organised jointly a seminar for Erasmus co-ordinators from some 40 universities in Poland  on EGRACONS – European Grade Conversion System. 

The seminar was held on 11 January 2013 and was financed by the above mentioned Foundation.

Ms Jolanta Urbanik introduced the project, talked about its genesis with the reference to the provisions of the ECTS users’ guide, 2009, discussed its aims, methodology, division of tasks among the project  partners and the outcomes. Doc. Janina-Mincer Daszkiewicz discussed the grade conversion tool. Ms Anna Olczak talked about data collection and grade distribution tables elaborated at the University of Warsaw.

A very lively discussion ensued showing that there is a need for a grade conversion tool and that the seminar participants are willing to cooperate in piloting, testing and dissemination phases of the project and to contribute to surveys and questionnaires.