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01 August 2016
The EC has given much attention to Grade Conversion and Egracons in its new 2015 ECTS users' GuideHere is the extract on grade distribution and grade conversionHere is Annex 2 with elaborated examples of conversionThe full version can be found here. The website can be found at: http://ec....
10 November 2015
The European Commission sent a letter in the summer of 2015 to all National Agencies, with the request to send it to all rectors. However, people are not always informed about this.This letter can be used by International Relations Offices and Student Administration to convince the authorities of...
14 June 2015
In the EAIE Forum of 2015, Dr. Anthony Vickers published a article on Equity through Conversion.You can access it here 
23 January 2015
If you want to see in graphic detail how a conversion is doen, look at the following example.
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20 November 2014
Click here if you want to find out why it is important to use the tool!The Egracons Conversion tool is now fully operational and open to all Higher Education institutions (also outside Europe) as long as they have Erasmus+ or other student exchanges. It is completely free in its...
29 October 2014
Unesco has published an official manual on how to use and assign ISCED codes.You can download it here.
29 October 2014
Unesco has published an official but very detailed manual on how to use and assign ISCED codes.The Egracons Project has made a summary of it.You can download it here.
29 October 2014
Here you can download a full list of ISCED codes as used in the Egracons list.Unesco has also published a detailed list of disciplines with their corresponding ISCED codesYou can also download this here. Appendix III contains a handy alphabetical list.
29 July 2014
This is an old link. Click here to go to the more recent one.Apologies for the inconvenience
13 June 2013
The Egracons Glossary will help you anwer the survey, please download it here.