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Privacy Policy

All the data entered in this tool are the sole ownership of the HEI concerned. The data cannot be used by anyone else without written permission from the HEIs concerned.

The data are used as is, i.e. the Tool administration team does not guarantee that they are correct. Even though every effort is made by the administrators to point out anomalies and apparent mistakes, each HEI retains full responsibility for the content it provides. The conversions return 'suggested converted grades' i.e. the ultimate responsibility for making the conversions official remains with the responsible professors and/or examination boards. It is suggested they approve the conversions formally. For that reason the conversions can be exported.

HEIs are obviously allowed to publish their own data/grading tables on their websites, even if this means using info taken from the Egracons Tool, but cannot do so with the data of other HEIs unless they have permission from that HEI or the data are fully anonymized.

The conversions remain in the tool until deleted by the converter that made them. The conversions can be exported in group.

The Egracons Tool team retains the right to use HEI anonymised data in order to generate statistical information regarding grading distributions at overall subject and national levels.