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Terms of Service

By registering as a user or entering the tool every user accepts the terms of service of the Egracons tool without any restriction, as well as the Privacy Policy as advertised in the Tool.

The use of the Egracons Tool is free. No fee is anticipated for the foreseeable future, but depending on the evolution of the tool and the number of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) supplying grading tables, HEIs using the tool may eventually be charged a maintenance fee.

Each HEI can have as many members of personnel register for the tool as they like. They are responsible for appointing at least 1 local administrator, who can then assign user roles to the other users of the HEI.

A user can only act as a user of his/her own higher education institution (HEI) and oly his own HEI, and has to use an official email address from his/her university upon registration. He/she has to be bona fide member of personnel of the HEI in question. The accounts of users who register with another email address (Hotmail, Gmail, etc ...) will be deleled without notification. Students are not allowed to use the tool on their own.

The grading tables compared during a conversion and especially the visual representation of the conversion with details of the grading tables, can only be used in connection with real conversions. The data of the host university are confidential and their grading tables or a visual representation of them cannot be made to public. Student confidentiality should be maintained at all times.