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Why use the EGRACONS Grade Conversion Tool?

The EGRACONS Grade Conversion Tool offers a user-friendly web-based tool for grade conversion that ensures a fair and transparent grade conversion of grades obtained abroad based on the guidelines of the new ECTS Guide. It is available to all European HEIs enabling a transparent interpretation of students' accomplishments. The tool enables both single conversion (a single student grade to a single grade) and multiple conversion (all the grades of one student on a Transcript of Records).
Recently, the EGRACONS Grade Conversion Tool has been promoted as a referential instrument in the specialized materials of the European Commission, such as the new ECTS User’s Guide, which acknowledges its usefulness as a solution in the development of new means of advancing the internationalacademic experience. The commision has also sent a letter to all National Agencies
The Tool’s advantages can be summed up as follows:
  • Tangible solution to the grade conversion problem in Europe
  • Credibility of the tool confirmed by the clear methodology of conversion
  • Uniqueness and flexibility to institutional needs
  • User-friendly interface and clearly demonstrated conversion results
  • Qualitative approach towards the conversion process guaranteed by the quality of data and the conversion methodology
  • Transparency that offers an added value to the credibility of partner institutions
  • Improved quality of the mobility
The European commission has also launched a video on grading tables explaining why they are important. You can watch it here:
For concrete info on how to join Egracons and supply your grading tables click here.