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Country Reports

The Egracons  country reports describe grading practices in European countries with HEIs that take part in Erasmus mobility. You will find a detailed explanation of distinctive features and grading cultures per country, including the range of grades, condoning, the average distribution of grades, required overall averages or not, specific bands within grades, differences among disciplines, etc.  The country report can be downloaded from the website, but is also included in the Egracons tool itself. It is a useful resource to understand the grading system(s) of the country concerned before making conversions.

So far 27 country reports have been gathered. All contributions are welcome but particulmarly Institutions from the following countries are invited to download the country report template and send us a proposal for a country report: Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Slovakia.

Countries outside Europe can supply their country reports as well.


Please note that this document is work in progress. Any comments or suggestions may be expressed to your national representative in the project (if they are specific to a country covered by the consortium) or on our Contact page


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