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Query for the grading tables

In principle the production of grading tables is not an ICT task in itself. It involves no programming or adjustment of software. It involves setting up an independent query on the student database in which the student grades are kept. This is usually the student information system database. You need to ask someone who has access tho this database and can perform a query on it. Such a query does not take longer to set up than maximum 2 hours for someone who know how to make queries. The query in itself is similar to other queries that are undoubtedly performed on the same database, such as how many students have registered for each degree in a fuculty over the last 2 years, or how many students were awarded a degree last year within the humanities. Ideally the ISCED codes should alreday be present in the database, but they can also be merged in the Egracons Template Excel file later on.
 A full description on how to produce grading tables (including a representation in an algorithm) can be found in the instructions on the page on grading tables. The query has to be exported and then the data can be copied and pasted (or entered manually) in the Excel templates provided by Egracons. Once the query has been created it can be easily  used again later on for the annual updates of the grading tables.

A full description can be found in the instructions. It also contains a full technical explanation: Annex 1: